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FREE Protective Baseball, Softball and Soccer Equipment

The Play Hard, Don't Blink program is offering FREE protective equipment for baseball and softball leagues!  Application deadline is December 3. The Ohio Ophthalmological Society's applications for free protective youth baseball and softball helmets and fielder's masks are available online!
  • Apply online today:
*This program is not sponsored or endorsed by Safe Kids Worldwide or Safe Kids Central Ohio and this posting is for informational purposes only.

Is your coach concussion saavy?

As kids head back to school and start fall sports, parents find their children out and about - and more active than ever.  Here at Safe Kids Central Ohio, we are in the community promoting fall sports safety - especially teaching kids about hydration and concussion safety! As you hand your kids off to their coaches, consider making sure those coaches are educated about concussions.  Safe Kids has a great information sheet located here .  And remind your kids - water first for thirst! Look for us popping up at local soccer tournaments - if you see the Safe Kids tent, come on over and say hi!  

Child Passenger Safety Week

Join Safe Kids Central Ohio as we celebrate Child Passenger Safety Week! Did you know that 9 out of 10 carseats are either installed or used incorrectly? Don't risk your child's life - attend a car seat check event! We have several events this week:
  • Wednesday, September 17th from 10AM to 1PM at AAA Worthington (90 E Wilson Bridge Rd, 43085)
  • Friday, September 19th from 12PM to 5PM at AAA Delaware (840 Sunbury Rd #502, 43015)
  • Saturday, September 20th from 9AM to 12PM at New Albany Fire (45 2nd St, 43054)
  •   You can walk in to any of these events, or check out our events page for appointment information. As always, any car seat questions can be directed to Columbus Public Health's car seat program at (614)645-7748.

Hyperthermia is still a risk!

This message courtesy of Safe Kids Worldwide: Last year, nine children died of heatstroke in September. By spreading the word, we hope to make that number zero this year. We hit the streets and asked people to guess the interior temperature of a car, and got some amazing reactions when we revealed the answer. Watch the video: September can be a volatile month. The temperatures cooling down can create a false sense of security but the actual temperatures inside a car can still rise to deadly temperatures – even on a 70 degree day. Never leave your child unattended in a vehicle!

Graco Buckle Recall UPDATE – Infant Seats Added

Graco has recently updated their recall listing to add their infant car seats, with dates of manufacture ranging from 2010 to 2013, to the list. More information can be found at Graco's recall website. If your seat is now affected, please know that you can still safely use your carseat while you wait for a new buckle assembly. Graco also provides instructions for cleaning the buckle, which may improve performance, on their website.

Hyperthermia – Facts and Figures

Hyperthermia has been in the news lately, due to the high-profile Georgia case. But did you know that just over 50% of all hyperthermia deaths are caused by caregivers accidentally leaving their children in vehicles? Most often, these are loving parents, who have a disastrous lapse in memory - often caused by a combination of the sleep deprivation experienced by many new parents and the hectic lives we all lead. Thirteen children have already lost their lives this year to this tragedy. Being aware that we are all susceptible is the first step - following that up by taking extra precautions is the next. *Never leave your child unattended in a motor vehicle - even for a minute. Cars heat up very quickly, even on a day that doesn't seem very hot - and even with windows cracked. *Put a backup plan into place. Ask your child care provider to call you if your child does not arrive as expected. Put something in that back seat that you will need at your destination. If your routine changes, give someone permission to give you a reminder call - "Did you drop the baby at daycare?" *Make it a habit - look before you lock. Check the backseat every time you exit the car, even if you don't normally have your child with you. One day, it might save your child's life. By the numbers: According to, over a 14-year period, hyperthermia deaths were caused in the following ways - 52% - child "forgotten" by caregiver (316 Children) 29% - child playing in unattended vehicle (175) 18% - child intentionally left in vehicle by adult (108) 1% - circumstances unknown (6) Here's a video from Safe Kids Worldwide with more about this danger. Safe Kids Heat Stroke Awareness

Low-Cost Bike Helmets

Bicycling is a great way to stay active this summer! Stay safe, too, by always wearing a bike helmet. Safe Kids Central Ohio has bicycle helmets available for $10 each. Here is a great video from Safe Kids Worldwide on how to properly fit that bicycle helmet to your little one's head! Bike Helmet Fit Test

A free, fun and easy way to support SafeKids? APPsolutely!

Here at Safe Kids Central Ohio, we are all about passing along easy ways to help keep kids safe. Here's one from our parent organization, Safe Kids Worldwide! Picture This Picture a world where every child has a chance to grow up active, healthy and safe. That’s our mission, and now you can help with just the snap of your camera phone. Thanks to Johnson & Johnson’s new free app, Donate a Photo, every photo you upload from now until June 26 can turn into $1 to help Safe Kids. And we mean any picture: your dog, a flower, your toothbrush, the sidewalk – it all works. You can donate up to one photo a day and the more times you donate, the more support we receive, and the more children and families we can reach. Learn more at the J&J "Donate A Photo" website! (Please note - this link directs outside the SafeKids website and may or may not represent the viewpoints of Safe Kids Central Ohio or Safe Kids Worldwide.)

Kids are VIPs – and VIPs ride in the back!

Here at the Safe Kids Central Ohio website, we get a lot of questions about when kids can move to the front seat. The answer is simple - kids under 13 should ride in the back. Studies show that kids under 13 are more likely to be injured in the front seat than in the back seat. Airbags are very effective at preventing injuries - for adults and teens. Although newer airbags do a better job protecting smaller passengers, they can still be dangerous for kids. So keep your Very Important Passengers safe, and chauffeur them in the back!

Slow Down – This Is Our Neighborhood!

This summer, Safe Kids Central Ohio is continuing to provide families with "Slow Down!" signs. These signs are great for displaying in your yard to remind passing drivers that there are kids out and about at play, so they should slow down and pay attention to their surroundings. The signs are available for $4 a piece.
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